Wednesday, 11 February 2009

how to mativate students studying English

2 things make studens able to know english are
1. high interest
2. his english teacher taught well
to solve learning Problems find in speaking;
1. memorize more vocabulary
2. take lots of tests (ex: TOFEL)
3. practice a lot
4. find a partner to practice
5. Listen to English programs
6. Get used to Speaking English
7. Put a lot of effort in learning Grammar
8. Form a habit of writing a composition every day
9. Read more
improving speaking involving behavior
1. Imitation : He imitated what he heard from others.
2. Memorize : He memorized one certain word, its pronunciation, and grammar, and then another word.
3. Practice : He keeps practicing the vocabulary by way of speaking out loud to memorize it.
4. Reinforcement : He improved his listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills through more practices.
5. Habit formation : Through the contact with English every day, he gradually forms the habit of speaking English.

speaking interaction between two people makes language acquisition develop effectively. When he failed to use the grammar correctly or he mistakenly used the words, his classmates or his teacher corrected his errors. When his classmates or teachers responded to him, he got correct information given by them.

Suggestions in English learning
1. Proper material : Too difficult material will only make students feel frustrated , but they won’t gain any from too easy material.
2. Vocabulary memorizing : Memorize the vocabulary and its tense and other meanings at the same time ; Know how to put the new vocabulary in a sentence properly.
3. Speaking frequently : Try to talk to others or ourselves in English ; Do not be afraid of making mistakes when we are talking in English
Listening : Listening to English broadcasts or watching English programs are good ways for us to make our listening skills better ; Just turn on the English broadcasts and get accustomed to the sound.
5. Composition : Reading is the first step for students to write a good composition ; Be familiar with English grammar very well ; Practice makes perfect.

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